Featuring Health Optimising VoiceAnalysis (VA

This in-depth assessment features VoiceAnalysis, a revolutionary voice pattern recognition system. Using speech tone sequences and vibrations it identifies and has the capacity to redress unresolved emotional factors, psychological effects on the body, and deep-seated behavioural and emotional patterns using your unique VA Sound Files which are programmed to your own emotional resonance.


Potent influence of the VA guides bespoke Wellbeing treatment.

The amazing insight that the VA gives allows us to tailor a nurturing Wellbeing Support Plan exactly to your needs. The Voice Analysis Assessment (VAA) supports those who want to achieve overall positive and balanced emotional and mental wellbeing, stimulating self-regulation of anxiety, depression, sleep, addiction, and stress and overcome emotional and psychological trauma.

Powerfully Combined with Eductor Treatment

For lasting results, we may then recommend the powerful combination of VA with the Eductor which is non-invasive biofeedback/bioresonance technology that regulates brainwaves and stimulates the relevant brain processes and programmability. This combined protocol is exclusive to Health Optimising in the UK.

A 90-minute assessment featuring VoiceAnalysis and your bespoke Sound Files

London or Winchester Clinic or online. Cost £225

More Info:

To book – contact@healthoptimising.co.uk or call 03302236553