The Heidelberg Test is the Gold Standard Medical Test for assessment of stomach acid and gut function in a non-invasive in-clinic procedure. 

The Heidelberg Test provides accurate readings of the pH, stomach acidity level, the timing of stomach emptying, the pyloric valve function, and more. It is an essential test for everyone who has gastric reflux or digestive problems. 

It determines stomach acid imbalances such as Hypochlorhydria (low acid), Hyperchlorhydria (high acid), Achlorhydria (absence of acid). It is a medical procedure, used worldwide for 40 years, backed by 150+ Clinical Studies. Health Optimising UK is one of very few UK clinics to offer the test, which is administered by a registered nurse.

The Heidelberg Test is an alternative to endoscopy or gastroscopy and does not require the trauma or discomfort of sedation. 

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Cost £350 including interpretation consultation

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