A full-body health discovery tool, particularly beneficial for breast health. We offer a half body option for study of a specific area such as the jaw. Infrared technology is used to detect abnormal vascular activity due to subtle thermal variations that may prompt wider investigation and a focus on preventative action.

Infrared thermometers are temperature sensing devices that use safe infrared technology to make skin readings. These give us a picture of the terrain underneath that serves to create or sustain disease environments and affect disease development. Abnormal physiology tends to have unusual blood vessel patterns that give off more heat than the surrounding tissue. These patterns of activity vary in intensity and distribution over each body region, represented by a variation in colours. Changes in these patterns prompt the recognition of asymmetric, abnormal or suspicious thermal patterns. 

HD Imaging Thermography is not designed to determine anatomical changes, but to clearly assess changing physiological patterns, inflammation and underlying fundamental shifts in wellness.

An HD Imaging Breast Study is a painless, radiation free adjunct to mammograms which enables much earlier detection of physiological changes and therefore prompts further timely investigation and preventative treatment. 

For further information, please email us on contact@healthoptimising.co.uk.

£335 for HD Imaging (breast) study (60 mins) and report 

£335 for HD Imaging (half body – male or female) study (60 mins) and report

£480 for HD Imaging (full body – male or female) study (90 mins) and report

All appointments include an Interpretation Consultation (during OHA Re-test or separate Skype or Telephone - up to 30 mins)