London Clinic 

With Aliyyaa Spring-Charles 

When it comes to treating most health problems, the status of your lymphatic system is important for improving immunity, draining excess fluid, absorbing and distributing fat-soluble nutrients. It is particularly indicated for lymphoma (consultant permission needed), Lyme disease, excess weight or cellulite, post-surgery (cosmetic and non-cosmetic) oedema, or pain disorders such as arthritis, bursitis, and headaches. Includes a light cleansing massage with prescribed essential oils indicated to further encourage lymph drainage. 

Initial Consultation; £145 for 90-minutes, Follow Up; £100 for 60-minutes

Ten Session Package; £900 for 10 x 60-minute sessions Twenty Session Package; £1800 for 20 x 60-minute sessions 

To book – or call 03302236553