London Clinic 

With Dr. Ying 

Sports injuries like a ruptured ACL or achilles tendon, meniscal cartilage tear, muscle inflammation or sprains and strains produce different symptoms and complications so need an individualised, multidisciplinary approach. We recommend the Traditional Chinese approach based on balancing the flow of energy (also known as Qi) around the body’s energy lines, or meridians, and the medical belief that when this energy line is blocked, ill health and disease develop.

Special needling combined with a therapeutic massage provides an effective solution to reduce pain and swelling and improve mobility and function. 

Acupuncture: Uses fine needles, inserted at certain points of the body to promote the flow of Qi. The Traditional Chinese medical belief is that when this energy line is blocked, ill health and disease develop. Acupuncture works to aid the flow of this energy and let out the negative energy. When our energy lines are balanced, we maintain good health and well-being.


Massage with Dr. Ying: Through various techniques and applied pressures, muscles are manipulated releasing tension and endorphins to help us feel good. Along our meridian lines are acupressure points, stimulating them will allow for a healthier flow of healing energy. 


The main benefits of massage with Dr. YIng are:

  • Improved flexibility and range of muscle movement through assisted stretching
  • Increased blood flow which assists circulation
  • Release of physical tension to relieve aches and pains
  • Release of emotional tension held within the body, combating stress and providing a feeling of relaxation 

Dr. Ying specialises in neck shoulder, lower back, sciatic nerve, knee, and hamstring pain. The effect of treatment is evaluated with VAS scores.  


Initial Assessment £300 (120 minutes), Follow Up £150 (60 minutes)

To book – or call 03302236553