Coach Alex approached his own battle with depression like a Mad Scientist. He says “Mad Scientist” because that’s his attempt at bringing humour to the experience, however at the time, it was no happy place to be, and it certainly wasn’t funny. The point is anyone who knows depression will understand the energy it takes trying to find solutions. Finding your way back from depression can be scary and deeply personal. It’s a challenging process that requires an across the board reflection of life. 

There is no definitive list of depressive symptoms that a person can experience. Some of these symptoms can be incredibly draining, both emotionally and physically: 

- Negative Thought Loops 

- Fatigue 

- Lack of Motivation & Creativity 

- Oppressed Mind, Body, and Soul 

- Fear of Others & The World 

- Existential Thoughts [Questioning our purpose] 

- Isolation & Feeling Dissociative  

- Loss of Identity 

- Hopelessness 

- Suicidal Ideation 

Alex says……Some of the most insightful conversations I’ve had have been with people in a Mental Health context. In my experience, these insightful people were more alive to the world than they perhaps thought or felt. Unique viewpoints to the world and the things within it. This makes each individual a really valuable asset to the world and we shouldn’t hold back in telling them so. After all, people that understand the pain and suffering of others are a much-needed commodity. 

I have witnessed people who lack purpose, struggle for reasons to go out in the world, and create. I have seen traumatic pasts play out in the present moment and turn into fixed frozen characteristics. I have also witnessed people turn their life around in quite astonishing ways. Once they get it, once they really get how much they have to offer, their inner world begins to shift. A lot of what people need in this situation, they already have. It’s about getting down to work and helping that process along through emotional empowerment and service. 

Emotional empowerment work isn’t about pleasing anyone. It is of course about powerful service to the evolution of another person’s well-being. This can often mean addressing the sensitive areas and having people take responsibility for things they’d rather avoid. To quote Steve Chandler, from his book ‘Crazy Good’ “When I was a desperate, suicidal alcoholic and I came to your home and you made me a strong drink, you were pleasing me. If, instead, you took me to a Twelve-Step meeting you were serving me” Service is the best way you can help someone. How could it be any other way? 

Our Coaching Team is always here to serve you.