Awareness around Mental Health has grown hugely over the last 5 years with both celebrities and everyday people stepping forward and sharing their experiences. We are lucky that the tide against the stigma is changing and more often than not those with Mental Health struggles can step forward without fear of shame. It is now widely understood that if you have a mental health illness: You are not weak * You are not alone 

At Health Optimising UK we feel exceptionally passionate about spreading this message. Especially to men, it saddens us greatly that in 2019 a man will complete suicide every 40 seconds, and still the number of men who choose to die rises. Why with so much awareness are men being left behind and still being suffocated under the banner that feelings are not to be spoken about? 

Henry, Head of our Coaching Team, runs an “Inner Warrior” podcast where men talk about their experiences with Mental Health and their masculine identity. He concludes that it is widely thought by men that if you have a Mental Health illness and you are a man: You are weak * You are alone As a good friend once said to Henry - ‘The biggest threat to a man’s life isn’t cancer it’s not war. It is his own feelings”. It is a sobering fact that is difficult to ignore. 

The solution? 

There is one readily available solution which is something we humans are incredibly good. It is so simple and so effective that it has been overlooked. Community. Community Saves Lives. For those reading this who want to make a difference who wants to turn the tides of change, you must do just one thing. Take responsibility. Is there is someone you are worried about even in the fleeting moment? 

You can take responsibility for the well being of your fellow man by following these simple steps. Don’t wait for someone to reach out (they may feel they’re a burden) Reach in and connect. 

Send a text 

Pick up the phone 

Listen (don’t try and fix) 

Share your struggles 

Connect, be honest

Invite someone out and don’t take no for an answer

Offer empathy not sympathy

Pop round and cook them lunch

Always invite them out even if they always say no

Phone them the next day to check in with them

It only takes one conversation to save a life. We don’t know which one it will be, but it will. 

You are not weak you are not alone. Our Coaching Team is always here to talk.

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