With Meena Mistry

This 4-hour Phobia Breakthrough Session focuses on eliminating phobias, minor unwanted negative emotions, habits, and behaviors. A phobia is a major and extreme fear of situations, persons, places, or objects; phobias are usually persistent and can result in accumulating inappropriate and unwarranted major negative emotions: anger, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, hurt, guilt, trauma, and limiting decisions & beliefs. We will work together with both your conscious and unconscious mind to eliminate any past negative emotions and remove the phobia so that you can take empowered action towards achieving your goals and outcomes. 

£600 (4-hour Breakthrough Session via Zoom or Skype), preceded by a week of preparation work

Includes a 60-minute post Phobia Breakthrough Follow Up Session 

Optional Phobia Breakthrough Weekly Coaching

With Meena Mistry

Post Phobia Breakthrough Weekly Coaching supports you once you have completed your Phobia Breakthrough Session. During each session, you will receive guidance in implementing new strategies and behaviors that support your goals and accelerate your transitions and results. Each weekly coaching session is tailor-made to meet your needs. Goals, framework, and tasking are set out at the end of each session, to bring excellent results – remember, taking ‘action’ to gain empowered outcomes, is key to this process. 

Building a harmonious relationship with both your Conscious & Unconscious mind.

£120 (60-minutes) – minimum 6 sessions (£720) to a maximum of 12 sessions (£1440)

To book – contact@healthoptimising.co.uk or call 03302236553