Treatment is only available after we have received your e-signed Informed Consent. Click here

Please read the attached appropriate Preparation Guidelines carefully in conjunction with the Treatment Information Guide to ensure that we can maximise the efficacy of your treatment. Please note that if you have not followed these Guidelines the accuracy of your assessment may be compromised and, in some cases, we may have to cancel your appointment and will be unable to offer a refund. 

These treatments all require pre-appointment preparation

Health Optimising CellRegulation

Colonic Hydrotherapy


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Massage and Hands-On Treatments

Natural Beauty Treatments

Aesthetic Procedures

Health Optimising Nitric Oxide Treatment

Pulsed Plasma Light Therapy

Pyloric Valve Treatment using Onnetsuki

The Rehabilitator using Papimi

Health Optimising VoiceAnalysis

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