A Full Naturopathic Health Consultation



A system of healthcare that promotes the treatment of illness by activating the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. It aims not to treat symptoms but seeks to find the underlying root causes of the presenting issues and return personal responsibility for health to the individual. 


Full Naturopathic Health Consultation

The EHA covers symptom assessment, optimal health basics, good nutrition, and gut health. It does not use the Health Optimising medical technology. If in Clinic, the EHA will include the use of the Nutritional Profiler which provides an analysis of your mineral, toxin, and heavy metal status.


The Healing Power of Nature

Combined with nutritional adjustments, psychological support, and lifestyle recommendations, naturopathy uses the vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of nature – to support the whole individual, strengthen their immune system and build the body’s defence against illness.

Naturopathic cornerstones to good health

Biochemical integrity relates to how you nutrify and hydrate your body, avoiding toxins and malabsorption. Physical imbalance can be the root cause of ill health as it impacts on the functioning and circulation of the body. A robust mental state is equally important for defending against disease. All three must be dynamically in balance to restore wellness.


A one-hour consultation includes a comprehensive Essential Health Report. London Clinic. Online option. Cost £195

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