With Brenda Storrie

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Play and Creative Arts Therapy is a non-directive, person-centred Therapy. It is a form of psychotherapy that uses play and creative arts as a method of expression. The session takes place in a safe contained environment where the child or young person will work through their own conflicts and challenges alongside their therapist. The therapist can gain insight into the child or young person’s world by observing their play themes and symbolic meaning of the child’s play through metaphor.

The client will have the opportunity to work through their deeper emotional experiences in a comfortable way. During the session, the client will lead and the therapist will follow. This is called non-directive therapy. There will be occasions when the therapist may use directive therapy, but this will only be once the child or young person feels safe to do so. The therapist accepts the child or young person as they are following Axline’s principles.

Objective and possible outcomes:

The therapeutic space and therapeutic relationship in creative arts and play therapy aim to create an environment for self-discovery and growth. The child or young person will be supported in recognising and understanding feelings. Emotions give us information about what is happening to us. In these sessions you can make sense of your emotions and choose what action to take that will provide healthy growth and development. You will rehearse these skills in the safety of the therapy room, paving the way to then put these new strategies into practice in your life outside the sessions.

High emotional arousal without self-awareness can overwhelm you and lead you to either block out your feelings and so miss out on learning what it could mean - or developing unhealthy responses and becoming stuck in unhelpful patterns. Playing together in the therapy room with the full toolkit of play therapy and art materials creates the environment for the reflective discovery of therapeutic change. The therapeutic relationship means that crucially you are not alone with your experiences. Brenda will support you to make you feel safe and able to approach deep and strong feelings.

Initial review and final parents meeting: £90

Children Play and Creative Arts Therapy: £130

Series price for a block of 12; £1404 

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